Fat Ergo Pivotal Seat


Designed simply for the rider's comfortability while utilizing the simple design and structure of a pivotal seat.


- Grippy Micro Fiber Kevlar Cover
- Utilizes Patented Pivotal Technology
- Hollow 6mm Allen Bolt
- Ergonomically designed


- Black, Gray, or Brown (more colors/fabrics coming soon)


- 11.2oz/314g


We decided that if we could make a thin seat more comfortable then we could make a fat seat even more comfortable.

The Fat Ergo seat has custom designed foam to be the perfect shape. It is ergonomically contoured to be as comfortable as possible. Watch the video to see the work that went in to getting the shape just right.

The micro fiber Kevlar cover is a really grippy seat material that helps in holding the seat between your legs during barspins.