Tree Lite Sprocket Socket Drive


Tree Lite Sprocket Socket Drive
Tree Lite Sprocket Socket Drive
Tree Lite Sprocket Socket Drive

Designed for use with Odyssey's Thunderbolt Cranks, this Tree lite sprocket is cut to act just like a spline drive sprocket, eliminating the need for a crank arm bolt for quick, easy installation and a truly straight sprocket alignment


- Designed Specifically to fit Odysseys Socket Drive System
- 5/16" thick 7075 T6 CNC machined aluminum
- 1/8" wide teeth


- 25T, 28T, and 30T


- Black


- 25t: 2.6oz/73g
- 28t: 3.0oz/84g
- 30t: 3.4oz/95g


It is made of 5/16" thick 7075 t6 aluminum. The design went through 6 prototypes of finite element computer analysis, real world testing, and laboratory testing. The spokes of this sprocket are tapered and I-beam shaped putting material where it’s needed and taking material away where it is not needed. All of this work created the highest strength to weight ratio sprocket out there. Every single detail has been thoroughly thought out. Many all nighters have put into designing this thing!

This sprocket uses Spline Drive a technology I developed when trying to improve the way sprockets are attached to cranks. We did not patent the design. (oops!) Although now many companies made good copies of our design I don’t believe any are as good as ours.
The teeth have been modeled after the tooth shape used for industrial machinery. In industrial situations this engineered tooth shape keeps machinery running quietly and smoothly at very high RPM's. For BMX it makes it the smoothest running sprocket. Also the teeth are made tall to prevent the chain from derailing.

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