Q: How do I make payments through Paypal?

A: That's actually really simple! Please check out the following link and it'll provide you with all the information you need to get it setup! www.paypalcredit.com


Q: Does Tree have a website?

A: We sure do! www.treebicycleco.com


Q: Where are Tree parts made?

A: Our parts are currently made in Taiwan


Q: I thought your products were made in the USA?

A: They certainly were, however manufacture complications kept us from keeping up with demand, so we had to do something about it.


Q: Where is my tracking info?

A: You will receive all shipping and tracking info the moment your product ships from us!


Q: Why can some products take up 2-3 weeks to ship?

A: This is due to demand complications, for some products our demand is a bit crazy and hard for us to keep up with being a small company. So if we don't personally have it, we source it directly from our manufacture, and in some cases have it made just for you!


Q: Why would you source the product from your manufacture? Why not just list it as back-ordered?

A: We do this to benefit the rider. It may be annoying to some, but allow us to explain a little more. We want to give the option to order the desired product even if we don't have it personally in stock here to our customers. This increases the chances of the customer getting the product they want before they sell out. If we were to make the customer wait until the product is restocked here, there is a high chance by the time they order it, it'll already be sold out again due to demand and have to wait months till the next batch. Where as this system there's just a small wait of 2-3 weeks and sometimes less, sometimes just a little more depending on the product and demand at the time, but your guaranteed to receive that product. So in the end, it's all to benefit you!


Q: Does Sam really eat raw meat?

A: He more or less eats raw everything...including meat. :P


Q: How many people work at Tree?

A: Sam Schulte and Nathan Wallace


Q: Does Tree sponsor?

A: Yep! Have you seen our team? Rad dudes and lady! You can check them out on our team page via the our site. (treebicycleco.com/tribe)


Q: Can Tree sponsor me?

A: Maybe! Your best bet is to send a video or two and some info about yourself to Nathan (nathan@treebicycleco.com)


Q: Do Tree parts have warranties?

A: Yep, tho the extent of the warranty depends on the product, you can check out our site for more info on that! (treebicycleco.com/warranty)


Q: How do I warranty a product?

A: Email info@treebicycleco.com and please be sure to include pictures of affected area of the product and a detailed description of the issues you are having.


For any other questions we didn't cover, please feel free to email us at info@treebicycleco.com